Dinner Menu

SALT7 is a freezer-less concept ensuring that your food is the freshest possible.

All steaks are USDA prime grain-fed beef, sourced exclusively from our partners in Grand Island, Nebraska.


Wahoo Jalapeño  17

Sashimi style Wahoo with citrus ponzu and jalapeños

Edamame  7

Steamed and tossed with sea salt

Lamb Chops  16

Australian lamb served with a lemon oregano glaze

Tuna Poke  17

Avocado, toasted sesame oil, citrus ponzu, scallion & red onion inside of crispy wonton shells

Calamari or Shrimp  14

Tossed with our signature SALT7 sweet chili sauce

Prime Filet Tartare  17

Filet mignon, red onion, toasted capers, Parmesan, dijon mustard

Prime Sliders with Truffles  16

USDA prime beef & white cheddar on a truffled pretzel roll

Spicy Lobster  24

8 oz. Maine lobster, tempura battered and tossed with our spicy Sriracha mayo


West coast oysters  4

East coast oysters 3

Gulf coast oysters  2

U5 Tiger Shrimp  8 

1/2 Maine Lobster  13

King crab  17

Jumbo lump crab  9

Stone crab claws  (seasonal)


Crab Bisque  12

Jumbo lump Maryland crab, lobster stock & sherry wine

Miso Soup  5

Tofu, seaweed & green onion

French Onion  9

Red onions, thyme & garlic in reduced Bordeaux wine with Gruyere & white cheddar


Cranberry Spinach   14

Baby spinach, gorgonzola, cranberries, Nueske’s smoked bacon, red onion, apple slices, tomato & balsamic vinegar

Wedge 12

Iceberg, tomato, chopped egg, red onion Nueske’s smoked bacon & gorgonzola dressing

House 12

Chopped iceberg & romaine, tomato, onion, blue cheese crumbles & candied bacon tossed with Italian Dijon

Greek  12

Vine ripened tomato, feta, red onion, green pepper, cucumbers, kalamata olives & lemon oregano vinaigrette

Caesar  11

Romaine, asiago, housemade dressing & garlic crouton

Chopped  14

Mixed chopped greens, tomato,
roasted corn, English cucumber, red onion, avocado & chickpeas tossed with house vinaigrette

Seaweed  7

Wakame seaweed, toasted sesame oil, golden carrots & local tomatoes


Seared Ahi Tuna  12

Organic Chicken Breast  7

USDA Prime Filet Mignon  14 

Wild Caught Atlantic Salmon  10


Filet Mignon 8oz  38

Filet Mignon 12oz  46

New York Strip 14oz  43

New York Strip 20oz  49

Akaushi Ribeye 15oz 57


 “The Chairman” Bone-In Filet 17oz  59 

“S7” Porterhouse for one 27oz  49

Tomahawk Ribeye 36oz 97


Rosemary Bone Marrow 7

SALT7-Style  6

(garlic, onions, mushrooms & thyme)

Nueske’s Smoked  Bacon & Gorgonzola  8



Asparagus Hollandaise  10 / 6

Vegetable Tempura  10 / 6

French Fries  7

Grilled Baby Bok Choy 10

Brussel Sprouts ‘n Bacon  10 / 6

Truffle Parmesan Fries  9

Sauteed Spinach  10/6

lemon & garlic

Baked Potato  10

(butter, sour cream, bacon, white cheddar, chives)

Red Pepper Flake Parmesan Onion Rings  9  

Mashed Potatoes  10 / 6
SALT7-style  add 3

(sautéed onions, mushrooms, garlic & thyme)

Lobster add 7     Wasabi add 2

SALT7 signature Mac n’ Cheese  10 / 6

White truffle add 3     Lobster add 7

Blackened Cauliflower Steak  9

Roasted Golden & Purple Beets  10 / 6

with sliced almonds & goats cheese  


Hogfish Snapper  33

Inquire with your server for today’s preparation

Blackened Grouper  36

Locally caught, blackened and served with roasted golden & purple beets with
sliced almonds & goats cheese

Seared Tuna  32

Sesame soy crusted and served with Wakame seaweed & wasabi crème fraÎche

Crab Stuffed Maine Lobster  42

Jumbo lump blue crab cake & drawn butter

Salmon  28

Grilled and served with farmers market vegetables

Skillet Shrimp  25

Shrimp flash fired in garlic sauce, deglazed with red curry coconut cream and finished with chopped herbs & sticky rice


Short Ribs 34

Braised in citrus soy chili sauce served with grilled red pepper baby bok choy

Chicken Roulade 23

Pounded thin and rolled with spinach, tomatoes & bacon, topped with goats cheese bechemal & reduced balsamic

Motley Burger  20

Brisket/short rib blend with S7 spices, Mexican slaw, Sambal Oeleck Chi-zu & Nueske’s bacon on a Kings Hawaiian roll, served with fries


Soda-Pop Skirt Steak  24

Marinated overnight and served with SALT7-style mashed potatoes

Vanilla Salt Brined Pork Chop 29

Roasted pine nuts, apple, bacon, goats cheese compote & sweet potato ricotta cheese


Aloha  17

King crab, avocado & mango wrapped in soy paper
I/O topped with tuna & served with pineapple ponzu sauce

Kiss of Fire  17

Tempura shrimp, wahoo, cucumber, avocado, I/O with shrimp & salmon

Delray Roll  17

Spicy tuna, salmon, cream cheese, avocado

Surf & Turf  31

Maine lobster tempura, avocado, scallion, topped with
USDA prime filet mignon, scallions & SALT7 signature sauce

Rainbow Roll  17

Tuna, salmon, hamachi on top of California roll

Alaska  14

Salmon and king crab wrapped in thin cucumber, spicy ponzu

Kaleidoscope  17

Chef’s rainbow sashimi selection, tamago, asparagus, king crab, SALT7 dragon sauce

Angel Qi Qi  17

Sliced hamachi, jalapeño, avocado, wahoo, wakame salad, salmon roe, wasabi aioli

Crunchy Tuna  16

Spicy tuna, avocado, tiger sauce, wasabi tempura

King Crab California  15

Alaskan red king crab, cucumber, avocado 

Shrimp Tempura Roll  14

Shrimp tempura, avocado,  eel sauce topped with SALT7 sweet chili shrimp

Vegetarian Roll  12

Asparagus, avocado, carrot, cucumber


Tobiko  6

Salmon  8

Escolar  7


Ikura  8

Wahoo  8

Big Eye Tuna  10

Consuming raw or under cooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish or eggs may increase your risk of food-born illness, especially if you have medical conditions.  If you have a chronic illness or immune disorder you are at greater risk of illness from raw oyster and should eat them fully cooked.