Experience our hand made signature martinis and cocktails


The Bohemian

Ketel One Vodka, St. Germain Liquer, Fresh Sour Mix, Topped With Prosecco

Worthing Watermelon

Russian Standard Vodka, Simple Syrup, Freshly Pressed Watermelon & Cucumber

The Flower

Nolet’s Silver Gin, St. Germain Liquer, Freshly Pressed Cucumber, Pressed Lime Juice

The Slice of Life

Ketel One Oranje Vodka, Creme de Cassis Liqueur, Ginger Liqueur, Pressed Lemon Juice, Topped with Prosecco

Pear & Rosemary

Tito’s Handmade Vodka, Pear Puree, Simple Syrup, Pressed Lemon Juice, Fresh Rosemary

Body Heat

Ketel One Citroen Vodka, Chipotle Pineapple Syrup, Pressed Pineapple

Millionare’s Martini

Grey Goose VX Vodka Masterfully Crafted With a Hint of Precious Cognac


Agua Fresca

Don Julio Blanco Tequila, Freshly Pressed Watermelon, Pressed Limes, Agave Nectar

Bulleit Smash

Bulleit Kentucky Bourbon, Freshly Pressed Mint and Lemon & Agave Nectar

Sparkling Blueberry Lemonade

Ketel One Citroen Vodka, Freshly Pressed Blueberries, Pressed Lemon Juice, Simple Syrup & Splash of Soda

Black SALT Margarita

Don Julio Blanco Tequila, Pressed Black Cherries, Pressed Lime Juice, & Black Hawaiian Sea Salt Rim

La Vida Coca

Ron Zacapa 23yr Rum, Simple Syrup, Pressed Lime Juice, Coconut Water

Watermelon Mojito

Captain Morgan White Rum, Pressed Watermelon, Lime & Mint, Simple Syrup, Splash of Soda

Standard Mule

Russian Standard Vodka, Pressed Lime Juice, Ginger Beer